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Engine control and protection

Analog instruments

D52 H2O Temperature

H2O temperature always under control.

Round istrument (52mm diameter) with pointer indicator for measuring the temperature of the water. Different calibration as VDO Veglia are available as well as others, customized to the client's request. It features a LED amber backlight.


Tecnical specification
Features Type Description
Dimensions External Dimensions ( L x H x W mm ) Ø63X69
Hole Dimensions (mm) Ø52
Protection Protection Level (standard) IP65
Temperature Working Temperature (°C) -20...+70
Storage Temperature (°C) -30...+80
Power Supply Power Supply Range (standard) 12Vdc/24Vdc
Power Consumption (W) 1
Indicators Analog Indicators (nr) 1
Backlighting Amber
Led Indicators (nr) 1
Inputs Analog Input (nr) 1
Dimensional Lay-out