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Engine control and protection

Engine Protection


Protection and control for thermal engines, with LCD monochrome display.

100mm diameter instruments equipped with 2 buttons for controller programming, 6 led bright signals and graphic display 128x64 pixel black/white amber backlight. It is complete of analogic and digital inputs and outputs for control and protection of any kind of diesel engines that allow a high flexibility of usage in various application field, for example in case of pumps, agricultural machines and slow motion.
ATS-25 includes CAN-BUS communication for the connection with any kind of instrument, including connection in J1939 with electronic engines.
It is possible to customize the panel according to the needs of the customer.


Tecnical specification
Features Type Description
Dimensions External Dimensions ( L x H x W mm ) Ø109x69
Hole Dimensions (mm) Ø100,5
Protection Protection Level (standard) IP65
Temperature Working Temperature (°C) -20...+70
Storage Temperature (°C) -30...+80
Power Supply Power Supply Range (standard) 8 - 30 Vdc
Power Consumption (W) 5
Display Display Type monochrome LCD
Display Dimensions ( L x H mm ) 60x30
Resolution 128x64
Display Color (standard) Amber
Indicators Led Indicators (nr) 6
Inputs Digital Input (nr) 8
Analog Input (nr) 6
Reading of Power Voltage ok
Alternator Input ok
Frequencymeter Input ok
Outputs Relay Outputs (nr) 1
Relay Output Power 250V 2A
Digital Output (nr) 3
Functions Hour Counter ok
Serial Ports CAN ok
RS232 optional
RS485 optional
Controls Buttons (nr) 2
Dimensional Lay-out