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Three-phase controller for management of exchange between network and generator sets.

It is equipped with 8 buttons for start-up, for automatic and manual control of telematic inversion and for parameters programming and with graphic display 128x64 pixel monochrome black/white with amber backlight which offers a good visibility and clearness to view all the measures, parameters and alarms. ATS-I measures mono-phase or three-phase tension and current of generator set, showing on the display the values measured, and drives automatically the exchange between network and generator and the remote ignition of generator set.
This controller is suitable to be combined with all the manual controls of the generators, in particular to the SA-01S controller.


Tecnical specification
Features Type Description
Dimensions External Dimensions ( L x H x W mm ) 97x97x102
Hole Dimensions (mm) 89x89
Protection Protection Level (standard) IP65
Temperature Working Temperature (°C) -20...+70
Storage Temperature (°C) -30...+80
Power Supply Power Supply Range (standard) 8 - 30 Vdc
Power Consumption (W) 6
Display Display Type monochrome LCD
Display Dimensions ( L x H mm ) 60x30
Resolution 128x64
Display Color (standard) Amber
Inputs Digital Input (nr) 4
Reading of Power Voltage ok
Three-phase Voltage Input (nr) 2
Outputs Relay Outputs (nr) 3
Relay Output Power 250V 5A
Controls Buttons (nr) 8
Dimensional Lay-out