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Control of electronic engines and vechicles

Electric Vehicles


Indicator of velocity with GPS system in diameter 52 mm. The controller is particularly suitable for small boats.

It is equipped with LCD display 3-digit green backlight, D52-GPS is able to view the movement velocity in km/h or nodes.

The detection comes from a GPS module inside.

It is equipped with an external antenna to have a better reception regardless of the installation of the controller.


Tecnical specification
Features Type Description
Dimensions External Dimensions ( L x H x W mm ) Ø63X69
Hole Dimensions (mm) Ø52
Protection Protection Level (standard) IP65
Temperature Working Temperature (°C) -20...+70
Storage Temperature (°C) -30...+80
Power Supply Power Supply Range (standard) 12Vdc/24Vdc
Display Display Type STM LCD
Display Dimensions ( L x H mm ) 27x14
Inputs Digital Input (nr) 1
Dimensional Lay-out